What is the trendy, sophisticated, cosmopolitan woman looking for when it comes to style and beauty? Whatever the answer, we can provide it here at Blo Out. Known simply as Blo to its stylish customers we are much more than just your average beauty salon. Think catwalk models, film stars or pop stars with their own personal make-up artists getting ready for a big show – that is the sort of look we aim to give. We don’t just offer hair styling, nails and make-up – we offer a full, high-class makeover for the beautiful women of Dubai and beyond.


And we will give you glamour in quick time. We know you have busy lives so we will give you that stylish va va voom you are seeking without taking hours off your day. If you should feel the need for a little pampering, a bit of gossip and a friendly environment while you are getting into your second skin, there is nowhere better than Blo. This is going to be the place to come for the glamorous woman about town – so make sure you get in before your friends. Then you can tell them all about this great new salon you have found! You are successful and beautiful, maybe a career or a business woman, who wants to express her personality, individuality and independence: Blo is just for you. We will meet all your aspirations – and perhaps give you some you haven’t even thought of. And the next time you hit the cocktail lounges, go out with friends – or just go shopping – you will feel special, in control and know that you look the way you feel. Magnificent!

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